Aleksandra Khirv

Apply sustainability to your business

Unleash the power of play for a sustainable future!

Why Climate Games?

Fun and interactive

Non-standard form of education

Available for any levels of expertise

From absolute beginners to experts

Encourages team-building

Foster collaboration and communication skills


Tailored to specific needs and interests, ensuring a relevant and impactful experience

Helps to stay ahead of the curve

Equips with the knowledge and skills to navigate the evolving world of sustainability



Green Decision Making

Try out yourself as a EU decision maker and discover how you can reach carbon neutrality by 2050

Uncover the Climate Challenge

Connect the dots in understanding the causes and consequences of climate crises

Combat Eco-Anxiety

Empower yourself with actionable tools to become a force for a positive change

Beyond the Screen

Discover the true cost of digitalization and tech

Global Trade’s Green Footprint

Uncover the environmental impact of global trade

Invite a speaker

Either for an event or a lecture


Top 5 reasons to start today

Boost Employee Engagement and Morale

Employees who understand and contribute to sustainability efforts feel more invested in the company’s success and mission

Reduce Operational Costs

Investigate about resource efficiency, leading to reduced energy, water, and waste consumption, saving your business money

Improve Risk Management

Proactive environmental practices can minimize exposure to environmental liabilities and potential fines

Comply with Regulations and Standards

Staying ahead of evolving environmental regulations and industry standards demonstrates good corporate citizenship and mitigates compliance risks

Enhance Brand Image and Reputation

Consumers increasingly value companies committed to environmental responsibility. A proactive stance strengthens your brand image and attracts eco-conscious clients and partners

About the facilitator

Aleksandra Khirv

Passionate about driving impactful change through effective climate communication, she combines strong academic credentials (MSc in Environmental Sciences, BSc in Environmental Engineering) with extensive experience in the field.

In 2023, Aleksandra’s dedication to education empowered over 400 individuals from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, she have a proven track record of working with environmental NGOs and advocating for a greener future through collaboration with EU institutions and decision-makers.


Mission is clear: to illuminate critical environmental issues, empower individuals and organizations through education, and foster innovative solutions through engaging workshops. Utilizing cutting-edge teaching methods and fostering a collaborative spirit, Aleksandra is dedicated to transforming perspectives and inspiring action for a greener world.


“It was very dynamic, and I particularly enjoyed learning about the organizations and entities that finance sustainable green environmental projects at an international level. I also appreciated learning about the EU’s commitment to reducing carbon neutrality.”

“I enjoyed the workshop so much 🙂 It was interesting and eye-opening. Aleksandra did an amazing job explaining things in an entertaining way, so thank you for this experience!”

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